Miranda Micarelli

There are many characteristics that define a person and what their abilities are.

Some ways I would describe myself would be down to earth, creative, positive, detail-oriented, a problem solver, a great listener, and original- not afraid to do things my own way.  These traits give me the ability to listen closely to exactly what my clients are looking for and find the most suitable and desirable solutions in a timely manner.

I also love to learn and always keep an open mind. I recognize that every individual is unique and value other perspectives. I am always willing to try new things and I believe this sets me apart from others.

My initial interest in the Real Estate world comes from my experiences growing up. My father is a Contractor so I developed an interest early on for different styled homes, finishes, interior design as well as other aspects. I love how different one home can be to the next and pay close attention to details. Whether or not you are also someone who pays close attention to detail, I believe we will work well together as a team to handle whatever task at hand. Your home is the place you will start and end each day, make memories and also a way to express yourself. It is important to feel like your space is right for you.

A lot of people have an idea in their head of owning their first home, investment property or upgrading their current home but don’t know where to start. Whatever your vision may be, we can work on it together and make it happen.

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